• Green Hydrogen
  • Market Analysis
  • System Introduction
  • Green Hydrogen – The Ultimate Method of Hydrogen Production
  • With the advancement of science and technology, hydrogen energy has taken substantial steps in its industrial application. Both the government and industrial capital are actively promoting the development of the hydrogen energy industry. In the long run, with various countries' economic and social development, the energy demand will remain high for a long time. The development of the hydrogen energy industry is of great significance to the adjustment of energy structure and industrial structure. Although the manufacturing and operational costs are the keys to restricting the wide application of hydrogen energy, green hydrogen is on the way with the breakout of technologies. It will support the application of hydrogen production by water-electrolysis in all sectors and scenarios and strive to promote the complementary development of renewable energy and hydrogen, eventually achieving carbon neutrality.

    As a clean and versatile energy carrier, green hydrogen has great potential to provide decarbonization solutions for heavy-duty transportation, high-temperature industry, standby power generation, and other industries that are difficult to reduce emissions. In the face of the global goal of carbon neutrality, manufacturing green hydrogen equipment will be an important part of this. Angstrom is looking forward to cooperating with you.

  • Solar Energy
  • The global wind power capacity is about 600GW, and has increased 10 times every 11 years in the past 20 years.

  • Wind Energy
  • The global total photoelectric capacity is about 512GW in 2018

    The average annual photoelectric capacity has increased by about 30% in the last ten year.

    The average total power has increased by 10 times every nine years the average price has decreased by more than 10 per year

    Angstrom Renewable offers state of the art Hydrogen Electrolyzers - from the largest containerized single stack Electrolyzer to a multi-GW Hydrogen Electrolyzer combination.

    Angstrom Renewable designed the containerized MW electrolyzer to meet the unique requirements of Wind/Solar to Hydrogen projects. The cutting-edge technologies of the stack design and the containerized system bring the generation of Green Hydrogen from the feasibility stage to actualizing large scale commercial plant production.