Hydrogen Fueling Station

Angstrom Advanced Inc. has optimized its water electrolysis system to transfer intermittent wind/solar power to hydrogen energy to an on-site hydrogen refueling station in a much more efficient way, and also increase the economic return 10-30%. Angstrom Advanced Inc. hydrogen fueling station uses 30-100 Nm3/h hydrogen generators to produce hydrogen 16-50kg/day (for customized specifications, call Angstrom for details) and dispenses for vehicles in 35/70 MPa. Angstrom's hydrogen generator is manufactured and integrated in one box, and all the system is automatically controlled, making sure the entire station safe and working normally. The compressed hydrogen would be stored in the tank, and filling one vehicle by using dispenser in 5-10 minutes.

Angstrom Advanced Inc. has long standing cooperation with many companies involved in wind turbine/solar panel production, storage systems and renewable energy. Please feel free to contact us for more specifications about hydrogen fueling station at +1-781-519-4765 or email us at sales@verdellc.com

H2  Production 30 ~ 1,000 Nm3/h
H2  Dew Point < -70 ℃
H2  Purity % > 99.999
O2 Content < 5ppm
Hydrogen Pressure 0.1-3.0MPa