3 Phase Generator

    Angstrom Renewable 3 phase generator offers the most advantages over most generators used by our competitors. The biggest plus to using a 3 phase generator is major reduction in vibration and noise of the wind turbine. Using a 3 phase generator allows to squeeze more power from the alternator which significantly reduces line loss, and allows the turbine to run with less vibration. The output energy is then rectified to DC (direct current) for charging batteries. 3 Phase current is ideal for quality and longest life of large motors on Wind turbines. The power of alternating current (AC) fluctuates. For something like light bulbs this is not a major problem, but in large motors this can lead to mechanical failures and shorter life of the turbine. For the operation of motors its best to have a current with constant power.

3 Phase Current Explained:

    Constant power is obtained from an AC system by having three separate power lines with alternating current which run in parallel, and where the current phase is shifted one third of the cycle, i.e. the red curve above is running one third of a cycle behind the blue curve, and the yellow curve is running two thirds of a cycle behind the blue curve.

    Full cycle lasts 20 milliseconds (ms) in a 50 Hz grid. Each of the three phases then lag behind the previous one by 6 2/3 milliseconds (ms.)

    On horizontal axis the sum of the three voltages is always zero, and that the difference in voltage between any two phases fluctuates as an alternating current.