Wind Turbine On-Grid Systems

On-Grid Controller

Three-phase AC input voltage range(linear voltage): 0V-280V

DC output voltage range: 0V-400V

Maximum power of the dump load: 2KW

Continuous adjustment of Power(0-2KW)

Dimension (width X height X depth): 310X450X155mm

Water proof class: IP20

Working temperature range: -20°C -40°C

Heat dissipation mode: Cooling fan


On-Grid Inverter

Continuous overload capacity: 110%

Transient overload capacity 130%,20 seconds

DC input voltage range: 230~400V

On-grid starting voltage (V DC): 180V

Rated power voltage point (V DC): 240V

Rated AC output power: 3KW

Waveform distortion rate of current: <3%

Power factor: >0.99

Maximum efficiency: 94%

European efficiency 92%

Allowable grid voltage range (single phase):

180V~260V AC(Adjustable)

Allowable grid frequency range: 47~52Hz/57~62Hz(Adjustable)

AC Grid feeding mode: Direct insert terminal

Self-consumption of power (night): <10W