Gas World Article about Angstrom Advanced Inc

Feb 25th 2013 Boston, United States

The leading Magazine in Biomass field, Gas World, published an article about the Hydrogen Reformer technology of Angstrom Advanced Inc. This is another recognition of Angstrom’s cutting edge technical innovation and its fast expanding fame in the industry: “Here and now gasification plants have the functionality to make the hydrogen economy a real possibility. Greatly reducing the cost of hydrogen production by using renewable resources and advanced, reliable processing techniques enables a gasification plant to produce valuable hydrogen product from waste materials. While the technology is available to enable this functionality, however, most plants opt to simply create SynGas (a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide.) However, as market demand for hydrogen increases in parallel with the stationary and transportation fuel cell industry, gasification facilities will likely be the top producer of renewable hydrogen fuel – mostly due to the low cost of production and the scalability of plants. This paper will discuss minor changes to gasification plants that plant operators can implement which will maximize the value of their assets, and enable them to easily create a product with higher purity and productivity.

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