The Path to Hydrogen: Producing clean, storable fuel from biomass

April 5th 2013 Boston, United States

North America Clean Energy, the leading magazine and internet media in Renewable Energy sector published again an article from us about our innovative collaboration of Hydrogen and Biomass technology. "A new application of hydrogen is being deployed which is helping solve humanity’s ever-evolving energy woes. Traditionally, hydrogen has a large number of applications – used in everything from industrial products to food packaging. Ammonia used in fertilizer and industrial processes amounted to 160 Million tons worldwide in 2011; hydrogen is a primary component in ammonia. The market demand for new, less expensive sources of hydrogen is driven heavily by fertilizer and manufacturing, however, a new market demand is emerging for hydrogen in another sector – energy. Power plants in Germany as well as Canada (using wind and natural gas, respectively) are today supplementing their primary electrical generators with advanced configurations of hydrogen technologies. These retrofits help the plants save money by smoothing supply, converting excess electricity generated into storable hydrogen gas which can be returned to electricity using a turbine generator or a fuel cell. " (The drawing is referred to a famous biomass manufacturer, Nexterra)

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