Distributed Energy Article about Angstrom Advanced Inc

Feb 25th 2013 Boston, United States

The leading clean energy magazine "Distributed Energy" has recently published an article about the cutting-edge technology Angstrom Advanced has developed to specially serve the Distributed Renewable Energy market: "Hydrogen is a very valuable alternative to fossil fuel for distributed energy generation, delivering a high-powered solution with minimal environmental and safety concerns. Green businesses, telecomm providers, governments, and renewable energy advocates can now produce on-demand energy for their assets, at minimal cost and using commercially available equipment. This article will look at the benefits associated with hydrogen and fuel cell energy systems compared to fossil fuel and chemical alternatives as well as the inherent costs associated with a fuel cell on-demand generator. This analysis will show that it is not only technically feasible to use hydrogen for on-demand energy in certain, but also that it can be more economic than the alternatives. Diesel generators are valuable when used only for applications that have short run times (less than eight hours per day) and where they are in proximity to a low-cost fuel source. For longer run times, and when used in more remote and extreme conditions, renewable hydrogen generators are an ideal solution for providing on-demand energy...

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