Government grant award with Angstrom's innovative Renewable Energy based Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cell technology

Boston, MA, United States

Angstrom Advanced Inc. (Parent company of Verde LLC) has won another government grant award with its innovative Renewable Energy based Hydrogen Generation and Fuel Cell technology. This award comes from Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and is for a clean energy power (wind, solar, etc) storage demonstration project to be built by Angstrom Advanced Inc. The final award selection has been made among hundreds of fund applicants, all of which are leading clean energy technology companies. All applicants have submitted full proposals, which were carefully reviewed by a review board of high profile experts across the clean energy industry.

Angstrom Advanced Inc. finally won the award with its cutting edge technology, which can 100% utilize and convert clean energy source (wind, solar, etc) into hydrogen gas when the supply is more than demand; and later when the demand goes up, we use the power in a very efficient fuel cell system. This way the excessive power get utilized 100% without generating any environment impact. This demonstration project will be designed in 2017, and finally finished in 2018. With this demonstration project, Angstrom Advanced expect to showcase its capability to provide a commercial scale solution for power storage "bottleneck" of the clean energy industry

Angstrom Advanced is a Massachusetts based clean energy company, dedicated in delivering the best quality clean energy one-key solution for different applications, such as power storage, clean hydrogen production, fuel cell, hydrogen refueling station etc.

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