Angstrom Advanced Inc attends 2015 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo

Las Vegas, NV United States

Angstrom Advanced Inc was invited to Las Vegas, NV to speak about the Hydrogen Technology (Water electrolysis from renewable energy) to improve the diversity, economy of large scale renewable energy storage, at the 2015 Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo..

Unstable and intermittent renewable power is a big challenge that can determine the significance of energy storage technology. For large scale renewable power storage, hydrogen storage can be seen as one of the best choices in terms of addressing intermittency, technology, environmental effects, and cost. Besides, hydrogen gas is continuing to become more and more important along with the development of energy and industrial technologies, and will continue into the future..

Angstrom Advanced Inc has many years’ experience in utilizing renewable energy for hydrogen production, and has multiple core technologies for their products. More articles will be released about Hydrogen use for storage systems. Please pay attention to our press releases.