8 U.S. States Band Together To Put Millions Of Zero-Emissions Cars On The Road

New York,NY United States

This past week Massachusetts Governor and the Governors of seven other states signed an MOU focused on Zero Emission Vehicles.

It agrees to the creation of a multistate ZEV Program Implementation Task Force. It contains agreement on a target of 3.3 million ZEV on the road in the eight states by 2025 with annual reporting on the number of vehicles and electric/hydrogen stations open to the public. Each state will establish their own ZEV targets. There is reference to fleet purchases and station being made available to the public.

Section 9 specifically addresses the development of strategies and infrastructure requirements for commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

By now you’ve started to see press on this historic MOU. Here is a link to the Huffington Post article. Click here to learn more about this article.