Angstrom Advanced partnering with Ballard Corp

Braintree, United States

Braintree, Massachusetts, USA  Feb 22, 2012 – Angstrom Advanced Inc, the leader in Hydrogen technology is collaborating with Ballard Corp. of Burnaby, BC Canada to bring ground-breaking renewable energy systems to the International markets. Combining Angstrom’s innovations in hydrogen generation/storage, and Ballard’s fuel cell technologies, the collaboration is bringing customers closer to creating their own “carbon-neutral” energy.

Hydrogen technology has advanced in recent years, and Angstrom is taking innovation to the next level. After having recently completed testing their patents with the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), Angstrom continues to push forward towards perfecting sustainable power systems using Hydrogen as a fuel carrier, the most abundant element on earth. Powered only by the fluctuating sources of sun or wind, the system is able to harness close to 100% of those sources to create immediate and stored power for any building over its lifetime.

With an open mindset and strong business relations, Angstrom is sure to be a leader in the new hydrogen economy. When many clients worldwide are looking to switch to Hydrogen, Angstrom Advanced Inc. analyzes the best avenues for design, build, and construction for each client. Having plants all around the world, Angstrom Advanced combines with technology from Ballard, and continues to make a difference for all citizens in the harnessing and long-term creation of clean energy