About Hydrogen

    Hydrogen has been a hot topic for a while and what most people really know about it, is that it’s the lightest element on earth and that when it’s used as a power source, it doesn’t emit any harmful emission. All that is right, but one issue we face with hydrogen, is to actually make it. Free hydrogen cannot be found on earth alone, at least not in the quantities the earth demands to power its homes, transportation and industrial businesses. Because fossil fuels can be found under the earth’s surface, and pretty much comes right up from the ground, it has always been the most economical, easiest, and thoughtful process of powering everything we use today.  As prices increase to burn fossil fuels we look for alternative methods of getting the power we need, efficiently and in a matter that is less harmful to the planet.

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    Angstrom is committed to developing the most efficient, safe and practical methods of electrolysis for the production of Hydrogen. Hydrogen can be use as an alternative fuel in many applications such as transportation, power production, welding and steel cutting applications and more.