Legal and other Benefit Cost

Do I Need Planning Permission?

    Small wind energy installations may require planning permission and you should always consult the planning officials, preferably confirmed in writing if this is needed. It is clearly good manners to discuss your plans and aspirations with your neighbors. Relevant factors include environmental impact, access to the site, noise and visual effects.

Can I Get a Grant For My Wind Turbine?

    Our wind turbines qualify for the federal Small Wind Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which provides tax credits of up to 30% of the total project costs. Non-residential customers also have the option to receive an up-front cash grant instead.

    In addition, our wind turbines qualify for grant assistance state incentive programs in certain states. Please check out your own state government website for information.

    Applications to those incentive programs are currently in progress.

What Happens When the Wind Stops Blowing?

    When the wind stops blowing, electricity continues to be provided by other forms of generation in an isolated system (e.g. batteries, diesel generator). We are working on a system that uses the fuel cell supported by hydrogen generator, which will highly reduce extra cost from the grid and save energy from over production of electricity.

What About Lightning Strikes?

    Lightning strikes do occur and can cause damage to any structure raised from the ground. However, lightning protection is a well known practice and can be applied to wind turbines as for other equipment. On some turbine models, full protection of electrical circuits is installed at manufacture. Obviously, as with other elevated structures, protection against lightning is advisable if the turbine is installed in an area where lightning strikes are frequent. Most of our products come with lightning protection designs, and the rest can be modified to get protection.

Isn’t it Cheaper to Save Electricity?

    Since most of us are not fully efficient in using energy, it is almost certainly cheaper to reduce electricity consumption than to buy it. The latest information on how much it costs to save electricity is available from the Energy Savings Trust. Nevertheless, electricity generation is necessary. Therefore, to combat climate change and to have security, it is essential to increase the proportion of renewable energy and to have energy efficiency.

How Do I Look After My Wind Turbine?

    The maintenance required for small wind turbines is likely to be minimal. An annual check is all that is likely to be required and can be arranged by the wind turbine manufacturer.

How Long Do Wind Turbines Last?

    A wind turbine typically lasts around 20 years. During this time, some parts may need replacing. The very first factory-mass-produced turbine celebrated its 21st birthday in May 2001 and has operated steadily throughout its lifetime, and so far, none of the major components have had to be replaced. Some earlier workshop-produced turbines have operated for longer.