Knowledge on Wind Turbine

Can I Have My Own Wind Turbine?

    Wind turbines are ideal for householders, communities and small businesses to use for on-site energy generation. There are a range of different types of small wind turbine models and thanks to their flexibility small wind turbines can be installed in most locations. Your individual site specifics (such as location, wind speed and local landscape) will eventually determine the best turbine type and size for your case.

How Does a Wind Turbine Make Electricity?

    Most wind turbines have two or three blades which face into the wind; the wind turns the blades round, this spins the shaft, which connects to a generator. A generator produces electrical energy from mechanical energy.

Do Wind Turbines Affect Radar Systems or TV Reception?

    Small wind turbines are unlikely to have any detrimental effects on aviation and associated radar or navigation systems. In general, turbines with small diameters are unlikely to have effects on television and radio reception. If this occurs it is likely to be highly localized and technically easy to overcome. It is also unlikely that small rooftop wind turbines will effect either mobile phone reception or fixed radio or microwave communications links.

Will Small Wind Turbines Have a ‘flicker’ From the Turbine Blades?

    Potentially, sunlight passing through moving blades can cause a flickering effect in ‘line of sight’ directions. The possibility of the shadow from the wind turbine causing flicker should be considered at the site selection stage. It is normally possible to avoid this problem. Reflections from the blades are unlikely, especially as the coatings used on modern turbines have been selected to minimize reflection.

Can I Use My Turbine For Heating?

    The simple answer is yes, small wind turbines can be used for direct heating, e.g. water heating as well as for battery charging and they are also ideal in remote off-grid locations. However, the energy required to heat a building is usually significantly more than the energy used in electricity, so a much larger turbine would be needed for building heat.

How Much of the Time Do Wind Turbines Produce Electricity?

    A modern wind turbine produces electricity 70-85% of the time, but it generates different outputs dependent on wind speed. Over the course of a year, a small wind turbine in the UK will generate about 20% to 30% of the amount it would generate in a constant strong wind. This is known as its ‘load factor’ (or ‘capacity factor’). The turbine itself has usually at least 97% mechanical availability and generates with 95% mechanical to electrical efficiency, so the limited output is overwhelmingly associated with lack of wind. The load factor of conventional UK thermal power stations is on average 50%, and the mechanical to electrical efficiency is between 30% and 50% depending on the type of plant.

Are Wind Turbines Noisy?

    The majority of modern small wind turbines have been designed to be very quiet. Our turbine has a low constant rotational speed which greatly reduces the rotor noise to a mere ‘swooshing’ sound. In technical terms, our turbine’s noise emissions fall below 50dB at a distance of 100ft. This is comparable to the loudness of a typical conversation.