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"Create a more accessible system for world products to reach the innovators of the industry"




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Small Hydrogen Generator by Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generating Plant by Water Electrolysis Hydrogen Generating Plant by Natural Gas Steam Reforming Hydrogen Generating Plant by Methanol Hydrogen Generating Plant by Ammonia Decomposition Hydrogen Generating Plant by Pressure Swing Adsorption with H2 Purifiing System Nitrogen and Oxygen Generating Plant by Pressure Swing Adsorption Nitrogen Generating Plant by Membrane Separation Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon Plant by Cryogenic Technology Hydrogen Fuel Cell

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  • It is our goal to strive forward and use what resources we have to establish a better network for distributors to get there products and services out to the worlds innovators. We use connections and company relations that have taken some time to create, to better the industry and move towards a cleaner and more effecient future using hydrogen power and as well as solar and wind power to bring electricity to a growing industry's demand.

  • The " Angstrom " Team
  • We represent a variety of clientelle that through their products are able to change the world for a better and more efficient future.

  • Angstrom-Advanced 2007
  • CEEG 2009